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Mainframe Backup.

State of the Art.

Computer Outsourcing provides you with the latest in Mainframe Backup technology through our extensive network of data centers and professional operations staff. Our centers are uniquely equipped to run your mainframe environment, whether your applications run on cutting-edge technology or legacy operating systems. By outsourcing your operations to our professional staff, you can benefit from superior uptime at less cost.

The Next

Generation of


We are currently accepting signups for a premium Mainframe Backup service. This service, which will only be available to a limited number of subscribers, grants guaranteed backup access at any time. A world-class, dedicated environment ensures that you have a ready-to-go Mainframe environment under your control. In contrast, standard Mainframe disaster recovery provided by most companies doesn't guarantee you anything except the possibility of access to a site on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.

By taking advantage of our guaranteed-access dedicated backup site offering, you will receive all the necessary hardware, software, facility, network, disaster recovery software and our experience. Our unique combination of services eclipses the competition and delivers the next generation of backup, powered by our organization's 25 years of professional experience.

An Experienced Team.

Our experienced support team assures your company a smooth transition to our facility while establishing all the necessary procedures to maintain on-going processing capabilities. Our goal is to create a dedicated team for your company to deliver a backup solution that can integrate easily with your internal disaster recovery program. This team has been involved with companies who recovered from disasters such as the 1989 power outage in the Manhattan downtown area, the tidal flooding in lower Manhattan in 1992, the great northeast blackout of 2003, and the World Trade Center bombings in 1995 and again on September 11, 2001.

Our innovative and affordable state-of-the-art solution minimizes cost and effort while maximizing successful disaster recovery tests to ensure compliance with your auditing and auditing committee requirements.
We will provide your company with a high degree of flexibility, facilitating any changes that may need to occur in your DR environment.
We pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback to provide a constant stream of service enhancements which will allow you to stay ahead of any regulatory or internal mandated changes.
Plans that work take time, skill and testing to complete. We utilize RPX software by Recovery Planner to maintain and document your ever-changing DR environment.

Expert Operations Support.

  • Staffed 24/7/365
  • Automated Systems and Network Management
  • Advanced Trouble Ticketing Tools
  • On-site Technology Support

Further Steps.

To obtain information on the next generation backup solution for your configuration, please use our Calculator to receive a backup cost estimate that will include:

  • Detailed configuration of the hardware provided
  • Software configuration details
  • Communications and all additional services
  • Pricing details for your review