Mainframe Outsourcing.

Exceptional Service.

Computer provides you with the latest in Mainframe technology through our vast network of data centers and professional operations staff.  Our centers are uniquely equipped to run your mainframe environment whether you’re applications run on state-of -the -art technology or legacy operating systems. By outsourcing your operations to our professional staff you can ensure superior up time at less cost.

Cost Effectiveness.

Cost savings are a major focus in the executive suite today.  Computer Outsourcing can help you gather the information to make a fact based decision on the viability of outsourcing. The cost of leasing the Mainframe associated equipment along with access to trained staff; provide a risk to your organization. Outsourcing is can be a viable solution to mitigate this risk.

Computer Outsourcing can provide tailored cost effective solutions with the best services in the industry. Through our strategic partners, Computer outsourcing has access to multiple Data Centers across the country with the highest standards for housing mission critical computer systems. These Data Centers are equipped with a wide array of state-of-the-art environmental systems, controls and backup systems. They provide for full data center redundancy in the event Disaster Recovery is required on a long term basis.

Experienced Team.

Our experienced support team assures your company a smooth transition to our facility while establishing all the necessary procedures to maintain on-going processing capabilities.

We listen to our customers and provide a constant stream of service enhancements that allow you to stay ahead of any regulatory or internal mandated changes with the objective of successful disaster recovery testing every time to ensure compliance with your company requirements.

  • Expert Operations Support
  • Staffed 24x7 365 days a year
  • Automated Systems and Network Management
  • Advanced Trouble Ticketing Tools
  • On-Site Technical Support

Mainframe Outsourcing

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