Computer Outsourcing | Our IT Outsourcing Process

Advantages of Outsourcing.

Computer Outsourcing is a company built by industry experts who understand the value of Outsourcing IT Core Services. Our outsourcing follows a tested and proven model that yields a long-term competitive strategy for success. Our process addresses operating cost, infrastructure investment, accelerated migration of new technologies, enhanced risk management, and improved operation performance.


Our extensively-researched network of partners is one of our greatest resources. Having spent over $700 million over the last 35 years, we have tested our solutions under fire. Each member of our management team, who will represent you during all phases, has 25 years or more of experience. Our diverse backgrounds mean that we have expertise in many fields, including:

  • Data Center Management
  • Technology Solution Selection
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Wall Street Trading Data
  • Emerging Technologies

Phase 1 - The Assessment.

During this phase we identify key stakeholders, define requirements, evaluate the overall size of the project and identify the right partners for the job. You can expect:
  • The financial requirement and the risk involved with the project to be laid out.
  • The degree of change required to ensure success by both businesses and IT functions.
At the end of the assessment process we will review the results with your IT staff. The recommendation will be offered for your consideration. Upon approval, we will move towards the second phase of our process, The Network.

Phase 2 - The Network.

Upon completion of the Assessment Phase, we will begin to assess potential vendors, clearly define metrics, and determine the scope of the project. We will assess your outsourcing needs, including any of the following areas as applicable:
  • Define Process & Scope

  • Operation Model

  • Deal Structure

  • Disaster Recovery

During this period, our team will establish your company’s requirements and intent. Upon completion, we will move on to the third Phase, The Commitment.

Phase 3 - The Commitment.

This is the most significant phase of the outsourcing lifecycle. We will begin to implement the various tasks required to deliver the best value to your business. This phase is where the deal, vendor, internal and external activities will begin. No short cuts are taken. We are committed to a smooth transition over to our IT Infrastructure Network.

Phase 4 - The Evaluation.

During this phase, we will evaluate and optimize your IT Infrastructure, with a focus on steady-state operations, relationship management and partner satisfaction. The end results will be the final specifications. During this phase, we will meet with management to fine tune all parts of the project to ensure complete satisfaction. It is important that the specifications are realistic in order for us to create an effective cost solution. We will help navigate the process, with our understanding of the limitations that are available for your consideration.

Phase 5 - The End Game.

With a successfully completed outsourcing project, you no longer need to worry about your IT Infrastructure, Networks or Mainframe. We will continuously strive for cost savings and superior performance. This phase is where you focus your energies on the other major facets of your business in order to ensure success.

Leverage Your Company’s IT Assets More Effectively.

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